Tabletop Photography Studio New York

Tabletop Photography Studio New York

Do you run an Ecommerce online store, have a website featuring your products or designs, or perhaps have a social media account and need to post great product shots on?

At Doug Holt Studios, we shoot well-composed and beautifully-lit photographs that draw a customer or reader in. Our tabletop photography allows you to get the best shots you need for marketing and advertising. We have a state-of-the-art daylight studio in the Heart of New York City.  For 20 years we have helped brand and rebrand product lines for dozens of blue chip international brands. We do food and drink photographs, fashion accessories, jewelry and cosmetic product shots day in and day out.  

Our range of table photography

Depending on the kind of image you want to get, we offer a variety of tabletop sets to suit your needs. If you want to showcase flat objects in a dramatic way, our flat-lay tabletop shots are an ideal option. For instance, if you want photos of a roomy suitcase or pizza with content clearly seen from the side, we do it. Take advantage of our tabletop photography to bring out the most impressive images of your products.

If you are looking forward to having products or objects in their “natural” environment, we offer you stylized tabletop photographs. Our tabletop photography is designed to allow you to create shots with an authentic appearance. Whether it’s a cup of coffee placed on the table or a book in the library, we will give you amazing photos that stand out.

Ecommerce product photographs

Our white background tabletop photographs present the most outstanding shots for your Ecommerce product pages. Whether you are doing one for Shopify, Amazon products or Etsy shot, we’ve got you covered. A white background does not distract the attention of a viewer from a product and it’s among the best ways you can present your products online. Potential buyers can easily evaluate the product. We build excellent tabletop surfaces of any tone, texture and color to ensure the shots come up clear and with as much detail as possible. 

Product photographs for Instagram

Many businesses and individuals use Instagram to create brand name awareness and promote their products and services. Get your product photos to stand out on Instagram with our tabletop still life photography. We strive to make sure your brand and product connect with your customers and audiences by creating great Instagram product photos.

When you present your photo ideas to us, we look at different things including the composition and the audience you are targeting. We will ask you whom you intend to present the photos to and why you are taking the picture in the first place. You may want to use it on different channels, so we have to look at the most appropriate way to present the picture. Besides shooting the photos, we do post-production digital manipulation to make sure the end result is exactly how you want it.

Talk to us about your tabletop photograph needs and we will take care of them.  A lot of work is involved in setting up still-life tabletop photography – from lighting up the object to lighting up the background, we ensure that every step is done correctly. We have the expertise and have taken many photos that our customers are proud of displaying to their audiences. Contact Doug Holt Studios today!