360 Turntable Photography

360 Turntable Photography

Retailers, distributors, and brands know that they need great images to help them showcase their products. At Doug Holt Photography, we revolutionize your photography experience by bringing you the latest innovations. We provide great 360-degree turntable photography and videos in New York. Our 360 turntable photography process enables you to display your products from all sides. In the digital age we are living in, consumers want to have the best experience before they can purchase products.

Since online stores lack the physical presentation of products, bringing a complete visual presentation with photography gives the consumers a great way of interacting with the product. Doug Holt Studios have the equipment, software products, and expertise to create quality turntable photographs for your website, blog, ecommerce store, and other applications.

Enhancing shoppers’ online experience

With interactive games, mobile devices, CGI movies, virtual reality, augmented reality, and other technologies, consumers are now expecting more when it comes to the shopping experience. When you land on a website, you want to be able to see the products and make an informed decision. 360-degree turntable photographs offer an efficient way of getting as much visual information regarding a product to the shopper as possible. These photographs allow consumers to view a product from different angles.

Building consumer-product connections

Unless you are able to connect your customers with your brand or products, it’s likely that you may lose sales that could otherwise have been yours. Photography is one of the elements that influence how consumers make their buying decisions. From the packaging in retail store shelves to the look of the product on the online store or website, these features can determine whether or not they choose to buy. 360-degree turntable photography allows you to connect with your consumers and lure them to make purchases for your products. They can see many features of the product from the photos you represent. It’s like holding the product by hand and feeling it.

If you want your customers to have a stunning interactive experience when shopping for your products, you want to think of 360 turntable photography. At Doug Holt Photography Studios, we assemble the product and lighting carefully to see that we bring out the best quality turntable photos. Our 360-degree imagery production brings your customers close to your product. It helps build a connection that is similar to the way you hold products and view them from a store.

Increase sales with 360 turntable photos

In addition to engaging and connecting the consumer with your product, 360-degree turntable photographs increase conversions compared to the traditional static imagery on your website. If you want to convert the leads that land on your website or online store, you want these kind of photographs. It will help increase your sales. Many online businesses are now adding 360-degree spin photos to their product pages and so you should you!  Doug Holt Photography Studios allows you to get the best spin photos to display your products to consumers.

We are a leader in 360 turntable photography in New York City and our services are backed by extensive photography experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and holistic understanding of the art of photography. Contact us now to find out more about our turntable photography solutions.