Still Life Photographer New York

Still Life Photographer New York

Please view my still life photography on Instagram; I  love shooting product, fashion accessories and fine art images, food and beverage at stills. Doug Holt Photography Studios brings you the expertise and creativity in creating still life shots for your individual or business needs. If you want to bring a breath of life to your brand or business, you want to consider still life photos.  Whether you’re looking for fashion accessories, food, jewelry, cosmetics and consumer or electronic products – still life photos by Doug Holt Studios, we will take care of your needs.  We produce 20,000 plus final, retouched still life photos each year and know what it takes to create the best alluring shots. Doug Holt Studios is your preferred still life photographer in New York City.

Still Life tabletop photography

One of the ways you can have still life photos is by using still life tabletop photography techniques. This is the most common kind of the still life photos. You can present your product, object, or item on the table to get the shots. We do still-life tabletop photos that bring out your brand feature. If you are selling products on Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, Groupon, Zalando, or Rakuten, you want to ensure that you present your products clearly.  The lighting is everything, then followed up with professional retouching. Photography gives you an ideal way to showcase your products to your target market. At Doug Holt Photography Studios, we execute the highest quality, impactful still life tabletop photographs to build your brand.

Product photography for print and online use

Whether you want product photographs to place on your print brochure and product catalog or you want photos for your online catalogs and brochures or shots for your Ecommerce store, we do it perfectly. We know that a product photo speaks something about your brand. It tells the story of your brand and it should reflect that story. We do professional product photographs you can post on social medial channels, ecommerce stores, and on your websites. Talk to us at Doug Holt Photography Studios to see what options we have for your still life photography needs.

Make your brand stand out with still-life photography

A picture speaks a thousand words, and this is true with still life photography. Whether you want to a photo of the products in their inanimate form during production or when they are packaged, we will give you the best shots. We understand that people interact with products and brands differently and take care of every detail when creating your product and commercial photographs. 

Our still life photography will make your audiences have a deeper perspective of your brand. They will have a deeper connection and build a strong bond with the brand. We have helped businesses like yours to bring out their product portfolio in the best way possible for the audiences to see them. We are a leading still life photographer in New York.  Contact Doug Holt Photography Studios today to begin your still life photography work. Whether it’s environmental, on locatino still life photos or created still life photos in studio or a combination, we do it creatively and efficiently. We strive to present your ideas through collaboration with your brand aestetic to create stunning photographic images. Our work speaks for itself – we are touted as a leading still life photography studio in New York City