Commercial Photography Studio New York

Commercial Photography Studio New York

Commercial Photographer

Do you need photographs for design, marketing, and advertising? At Doug Holt Photography, we offer commercial photographs to help sell your brand and create brand name awareness. When it comes to advertising photography, you need photos that entice the consumer to make purchases and connect to you brand, to remember you. Consumers are enticed by flashy advertisements and catchy billboard images; you need to make use of high impact photos that stand out. Having a seasoned commercial photographer ensures that you not only attract consumers but also personalize your brand.

Besides, you can use photos to elaborate and explain more about your product, manufacturing process, usage, and other tips that help your customers have the best experience. Often, people would want to know how to use your product or how they can get the most from your service. You can use photographs to pass across the ideas, tips, suggestions, guidelines, and other important information to the audiences.

Boosting A Brands Image with photographs

Corporate photography along with marketing materials, help reinforce the brand image of your business. You can use photographs to unify employees and develop team spirit while at the same time clearly outlining the policies and procedures of your company. Consumers can learn more about your brand by viewing the photos you have posted. Often, there are different ways you can express your brand image through photography. You can get shots for your new products or your new store, office or showroom. The photos may be used on your website and on other channels such as social media.

Besides, you can use the photos when creating print materials like product catalogs, brochures, business cards, and newsletters. Also, you can use the photographs in digital mediums like email campaigns, digital brochures, digital business cards, digital newsletters, and website product catalogs.

Products photography to showcase your products

Your customers may not be able to physically see and feel the product you sell. The best way you can showcase it is by having product photos. The photos can be done outdoors, at gorgeous locations, in your store, or in our studio. At Doug Holt Photography, we have a great backdrop, set paper and hand painted canvases to take shots for online use. We ensure that we control the studio lights so that we get the desired effects on the photos. 

Work environment photos

At Doug Holt Photography Studios, we know how to take workplace photos and work environment shots. Businesses would want their consumers to see how they manufacture their products. Taking photos of workers manufacturing the products helps the consumers have an insight into how the products are made. 

Headshots to promote individual services and products

Headshots are a common type of commercial photography and almost any business will need them. You can have headshots for the executives of your company. You can also have a headshot that you place on your individual business ecommerce site or blog. Again, you may have headshots that you use in email campaigns.

Whether it is portrait photos, food photos, headshots, or fashion photos, you want a professional commercial photographer to take care of the shots. Doug Holt Photography Studios has the right equipment and expertise to bring out the best commercial photographer shots for your business. Hire us today to take those food photos, portrait photos, headshots or product photos.