Social Media Photographer New York

Social Media Photographer New York

At Doug Holt Photography, we provide high quality social media photography for your business and platform.  If you are looking for photographs you can use on social media, product catalogs, newsletters, or even blogs, you can count on our social media photography services. While you may find photographs on the internet for your brand, they will not be unique to your business. Every brand needs to find what elements distinguish it from the crowd. The photos you may pick from online photo galleries may already be used by various businesses. Doug Holt Photography wants to make your brand unique by creating photos that resonate with your brand, product, service, or business.

Creating a good first impression with custom photographs

You have heard of this old cliché that you only have a single chance to create a good first impression. If you don’t get it right from the word ‘go’, you lose ground with your branding image. This is true when it comes to today’s rapidly growing digital world where people are spending much of their time on social media channels. Brands are beginning to realize that they cannot underestimate the benefits of social medial networks in building their brands. Having photographs for social media is one of the best ways you can create that good first impression.

Why you need a social medial photographer

Hiring a social media photographer can help you enhance your online presence in different ways, but most especially through a personal connection. Every time you have a new photograph post, whether of a new product, the best selling product, employees in your store, a photograph for your tradeshow display, or any other, you arouse curiosity in the audiences. They want to learn more about your brand. Of course, with high impact images, they will comment about the photographs and will want to go to your site and see what you offer. Photographs offer touchpoints or points of connections where you can begin conversations with your fans on social channels.

If you want to grow your online presence, having a personal connection with the followers or fans is key. You can upload photos and videos on the channels for the audiences to watch and view. Again, if taking photographs of your products or having photos that represent your brand feels like a great chore for your business, then you need to hire a social medial photographer. Doug Holt Photography enables you to get the best photos to upload on your social media channels. The photos allow your brand to appear real – you personalize your brand.

Have a professional represent of your brand with photographs

Doug Holt Photography understands that business portraits need to be well thought out, just like other branding activities. That’s why we ensure that you get the best photographs. We determine the tone you need to express using photos and deliver exactly that. Do you want a serious tone, approachable tone, or a corporate tone expressed by the photos?  Whether shot in my 1000 sqaure foot day light studio or on location, in your office, or on the streets of New York, we’ll get amazing images through thoughtful collaboration.  Also, we look at your primary audience and other consumers so that we create the right photo content that they can consume appropriately.

Hire us today for your professional social medial photographs to use on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We are the preferred social media photographer!