Laydown Flats Photography New York

Laydown Flats Photography New York

At Doug Holt Photography Studios, we do laydown flat photography for your clothing brand, boutique and online stores. We are trusted for our quality flat lay, pin up photography and laydown flats photography. Whether you are setting up an apparel store or clothing boutique, we can create the best shots for your collections of garments. 

Doug Holt Photography Studios help you connect with your customers by creating amazing photos for your online clothing stores. Whether it’s a woman clothing store, men’s apparel store, women’s swimsuit store, or other kinds of clothing stores, we offer you a great customer experience with our stunning photos. Do you need laydown flats photography in New York? Doug Holt Photography Studios is here to help you.

Stylish presentation of your garments

When selling garments to your customers, you want to present them in a unique, pleasing way to allow customers to check them out. The expert stylists at Doug Holt Studios have a wealth of experience in creating incredible photos for your clothing and footwear. Styling clothing on mannequins requires patience, experience, and that pinch of magic.

We do the photos under very controlled conditions, ensuring that each item of clothing looks attractive. We know that proper, consistent lighting is essential for bringing out the colors of your garments and with our years of experience working on different shades and textures of clothing, we know what works for what kind of garments. We will ensure that the colors of your garments are as accurate as possible.

Build a strong brand image with our laydown flat photography

What people see when they visit your online store gives a reflection of your brand. We mirror your brand attributes to your customers by creating great product photos. The moment the audiences look at the photos, they want to explore more on your site. Our laydown flat photos create engagement and influence the customers to buy the garments.

Demonstrate the style and functionality of your garments

If you want customers to see and feel how they would look in a particular garment, laydown flat photography is a terrific way to present the garments. Product laydown photography can combine different products for an outfit within a single photo. For example, you can have products like shoes, skirts, pants, a blouse, and accessories that go together to make an outfit. 

Our laydown flat photos allow you to demonstrate the style and functionality of your products. We do a combination of various products, patterns, textures, and originality to ensure you have a successful product laydown photo that stands out. Send us your clothing pieces and we will do the photos for you. You can also visit our studio to discuss the options we have for your photography needs.

At Doug Holt Photography Studios, we know that succeeding in online stores requires proper presentation of your product. If you don’t present the products neatly and clearly to your customers, they won’t be impacted. The presentation of products on your online store speaks more than visual appearance. It says more about the product, your brand, and your brand image. It also shows the level of professionalism you have built into your business. Let’s take your clothing brand to a higher level with our laydown flats photography in New York City.