Doug Holt Photography Studio
51-02 21st Street Studio 3E
Long Island City, NY 11101
917-650-1132 – douglasleeholt@gmail.com

doug-holt_photographyA terrific still life, product and fashion photography studio located in New York City since 2001.  The distinction enjoyed by Doug Holt’s Commercial Photography Studio lies in the fact that the Studio demands energy and collaboration from all participants in order to get the most out of each photo shoot.

You will notice upon arrival, no one spends much time on my comfortable couches. The focus is on the Set, everyone is watching the image capture as the shots are being taken, and we all discuss what is appearing on the digital monitors: one exciting image, after another, after another.

More than just a product photography studio: we offer digital retouching at very reasonable rates, we collaborate with art director, hair and makeup artists, stylist and set designers.  Whoever and Whatever you need, you can find in my Contacts list.

My Studio collaborates with graphics designers, web engineers and social media experts, stylists, models, agenices as well as advertising and marketing professionals. We produce in-studio and on-location photo shoots as well as commercials and documentaries.

And in the end, we just have FUN!

Doug Holt has 15 years experience as a professional photographer.  Coming to the calling after several years as a risk analyst on Wall St. His career’s arc fuses good business sense with a talent for enhancing luxury brands and is apparent in the long client list of Doug Holt Photography.